Brook Lopez Talking Post Play

As a Nets fan, I am happy to be reading about plans to use center Brook Lopez as the corner stone of the team, both offensively and defensively.

Nets beat writer Al Iannazzone reports: http://bit.ly/bDA2Nn

Within the article you get a glimpse into the kinds of options NBA teams have for their post players in secondary transition, off a great quote from Lopez discussing post play and quite possibly the easiest way for a big to get a bucket – running the floor and sealing your man deep.

Here’s the quote:

“They’re still trying to get me to run the floor and get deep seals, and I’ve been fighting it as much as I can,” Lopez said. “They’ve had me running the floor a lot in transition, to get deep seals. And if that’s not there, we have the second big – which could be me as well – trailing for center drags and then going into multiples from there.”


Leadership Effecting Teams

Here is an article I came across today discussing the leadership or lack there of for the NY Giants.


Within the article was this quote from Giant legend and Super Bowl winning quarterback Phil Simms:

“In all of my career, high school, college and the pros, I never stood up one time and said a word in front of the team,” said the unquestioned leader of the Giants’ Super Bowl XXI and XXV offense. “That wasn’t my style. I just tried to work hard.”

Proving that leading is sometimes as simple as doing the right thing. Everyone can be a leader in that regard.


Question To Ask Everyday

Read this quote from Herb Sendek. It’s a great starting point everyday when preparing..

“What does my team need right now?”


Lighting Up the Room

“Don’t worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.”

– Robert Fulghum

As I will be working this year in a position within a school district, we had our meeting to introduce new hires and meet administrators etc.

The superintendent of schools began his speech and started outlining his expectations for teachers within our district. As I sat listening, it was evident to me that a lot of what he was saying could be applied to coaching as well. Thoughts about reaching different students (players) in a variety of ways.

One of the concepts that he used, that really stuck with me was “lighting up the room”. He went on to say that as teachers (coaches) we need to light up the room every time we step foot in the classroom (playing field, court, etc.).

That often times those we are trying to teach or lead are looking towards us for their own motivation. That concept of lighting up the room and doing it every single day really stuck with me and is something I will be bringing into my coaching endeavors.


Sean Payton

There is a lot you can gain and learn about coaching simply by observing those at the highest level.

In about an hour and twenty minutes of watching and listening to Sean Payton today, I now feel I am a better coach for it.

I caught his hour long special on ESPN with Jon Gruden and it was great to see his thought process behind his decision making.

Here in what will certainly go down as his biggest call ever, Payton shows guts, decisiveness and great confidence in deciding to onside kick to start the second half of the Super Bowl.

Love his style and approach. – http://bit.ly/bIccMk


World Cup, Summer League, Project

As the World Cup wrapped up this past Sunday, I have to say I am sad to see it go. Was a great tournament this year and based on the way the games fell and my work schedule, I was able to watch more of this World Cup than any in the past.

The game itself was very interesting. Although it went nearly 120 minutes with only one goal, I found it compelling and riveting drama. Both teams created plenty of chances, but ultimately it was Spain’s tournament to lose and they proved they are the best side in the world at the moment. I was also glad that Diego Forlan of Uruguay was awarded the Golden Ball. He had a magical tournament and scored some of the most memorable goals.

I also got to watch a good portion of the Wizards vs. Clippers NBA summer league game last night which featured John Wall and Eric Bledsoe. It was fun watching these former teammates go head to head last night. Both are tremendous talents and I think both will have solid NBA careers, I look forward to watching them.

Finally, I am going to be working on a project for the remainder of this summer on coaching. My plan is to interview some of the countries most successful coaches. I’d like to get their thoughts, ideas and views on coaching and what has made them successful. Gather those thought and keep them posted here on my blog. Not exactly sure where this will take me, but it is something that I love and have passion for.

Looking forward to it.


Who I will Be Watching In World Cup Final

The World Cup Final on Sunday will feature the Netherlands vs. Spain and I for one could not be happier.

Two teams with great individual talents as well as teams that play well together. Both teams I feel also play a technical and tactical game that is appealing. So I will be closely watching both teams and will enjoy all 90 minutes of the game, should it go only 90.

But, throughout this World Cup, I have had the chance to watch Xavi Hernandez of Spain for longer stretches than I have ever seen him play before, and rest assured I will be watching closely again on Sunday. Xavi plays the game exactly how I think it should be played.

He is arguably the key component to a Spanish side which has positioned itself to be the clear best team in the world. He is in constant motion and plays the game so complexly, yet makes it look so simple. Never a wasted touch, yet he’s constantly in creative mode.

In Spain’s semi-final win over Germany, Xavi ran the most of anyone on the pitch, totaling 12.3k. Xavi also completed 92 passes, which was 20 more than anyone else.

I will be having my teams that I train watch Xavi extremely closely for the amount of touches he uses each possession. He’s been a joy to watch this World Cup and aside from Landon Donovan, my favorite soccer player.

Enjoy a clip of some of Xavi’s extreme skill:

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